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Floating Away

I recently had the opportunity to experience the new Aire Ancient Baths in Chicago. It was a restored factory from 1902 in River West. It was a unique experience for the body and mind. It was a journey through the traditional Roman, Greek and Ottoman ancient experience of baths. It was my soul sister’s birthday so we decided to celebrate by making an appoint at this wonderful facility. What an amazing experience. I would highly recommend it! I will absolutely be going back again in the future.


They have multiple baths that have a variety of temperatures, consistencies, and architectures which each elicit different feelings. Some of my favorite parts were:

  • The Argan Oil Massage – OMG! This was the most amazing experience. It was a 90-minute full body massage with warm, organic Argan oil. I don’t know what they massaged my face with but it was the most peaceful feeling I’ve ever felt.

  • Steam Room w/ Ice Pool – This was an extra hot steam room with marble heating seats which did I mention everything in the bath area is marble and heated. So amazing. Anyways this steam room has an ice pool in the very middle so if you get too hot you can easily just jump in there to cool down quickly.

  • Bath w/ entrance to outside waterfall – I love being in a hot tub outside, this was that but on steroids. It was so beautiful and relaxing. You entered the pool from inside and could go under a divide which led you to outside where there was a waterfall. Since it was winter the entire area was filled with steam coming from the waterfall. It was beautiful.

  • Himalayan salt exfoliation area – I’m totally purchasing this salt on Amazon. It made my skin so smooth. There is an entire area where you rub down with the salt and then there is a shower from above where you rinse the salt off. It is an exhilarating exfoliant for your body.

  • The Flotarium – This bath specifically is made for you to float in. Literally, nothing could sink in this bath. The feeling of pure flotation in water was so calming. It’s warm and has quiet yet peaceful music underwater for you to listen to while you float.

  • The Environment – The entire area is all lit with candles, no lights and the whole place smells of orange blossom. You feel 100% like a goddess throughout this whole experience. I couldn’t have been happier with the environment they created in this abandoned factory. It had the original exposed brick and column woodwork. It was gorgeous. They even had a hot tea set up around the entire area.


Overall my net promoter score is a 9 out of 10, a huge promoter of this experience and highly recommend you check it out!


The only downfall is you can’t take your own photos while there so, of course, that was a huge bummer to me however they were kind enough to provide me with their images to show you a sneak peek inside. These photos don’t do it justice, it’s way more amazing inside so make sure to go check it out yourself!


Photos by Aire Ancient Baths Chicago


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