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Daily Meditation Practice

All of us have the universe living inside of us. Each person houses a piece of the universe. The universe made each and every one of us so it is in our blood and bones, it flows through our body and lights us up like a cool sparkling liquid that rushes through us at different speeds throughout the day. When you meditate you begin to channel that light you begin to align with your inner self and become more in tune with what I call your inner alien (aka inner self/intuition).


So meditation always sounds good in theory but actually doing it can be difficult and have I mentioned it’s a “practice” meaning you should incorporate it daily. When I first heard of meditation I was on a train, and I attempted to meditate. I did have a weight lifted off my shoulders that was lingering from a breakup but I never meditated on a daily basis or even regularly for that matter.


Then came a time in my life where I felt like every piece of my life (work, personal, relationship) was going wrong and I couldn’t find a single release, whether that was alcohol, drugs, external validation, relationships, sex. Everything felt heavy, forceful, pushed and just stuck. I tried everything, except for meditation. I finally was asked by a colleague to meditate with her in a conference room. As soon as I did I felt the smallest bit happier. I then decided to dive off the deep end. Since that was LITERALLY the only release I could find, I started to meditate every 4 to 6 hours, just to make myself feel better, lighter, and happier. When I started doing that I started seeing drastic changes in my life. I learned to be present in the moment, learned how to enjoy the moment I was in, became way more open-minded, found peace and calmness in a variety of settings. I would visualize light flowing into my body, through it, feeding my inner alien, and back out the top of my head into the sky, back up to the universe.


I want you will feel lighter, happier, more electric, and so many other wonderful feelings. I want you to have that release that is so much better than any external validation you can get from the outside world. I want you to be able to turn to yourself and find happiness in light from within.


Why don’t you try it out? Here is a short list of some of the positive benefits I’ve received in my life due to meditating:

  • Being in the vortex and connecting to source energy

  • Living in the present moment

  • Raised my frequency

  • Helped me relax

  • Relieved stress

  • Felt lighter

  • Fills me with light and love

  • Opens me up to receive information

  • Became more in tune with myself and my inner alien

  • Strengthens my inner alien (intuition and focus)

  • Helps me hear my inner alien (inner voice) more clearly

  • Began to love myself

  • Had some pretty epic epiphanies in my life

  • Beautiful visuals from time to time

  • Gained clarity in a variety of areas within my life


Most people approach me saying they don’t know how to meditate. That is ok, I can help you. Here are some guided meditations I absolutely love!


I personally like to listen to music, specifically, Shamana by Imagika Om.  This song has a rhythm that matches the vibration of my body. I breathe in two breaths with the beat and then breath out two breaths, again with the beat of the song. All the while I’m visualizing the light entering and exiting my body, feeding my inner alien. Giving her the power and strength to see clearly, guide and protect me. I have a meditation playlist on Spotify if you’d like to try it out. You can find me at Dorothy Johnson and it’s the playlist called Meditation… make it simple people! 🙂


Here are some tips that might make meditation easier for you:

  • Set a timer – this will allow you to realize that you are sitting down for a certain time frame so you don’t have to worry about going over or focusing and disrupting your meditation by looking at the clock

  • Light a candle and focus on it – This may help you ignore passing thoughts

  • Use a mantra – If there is something specific you are working on use a mantra that aids in your meditation to remain present and let thoughts pass you like clouds

  • First thing in the morning – Meditating right away in the morning allows for a clear mind, schedule in a second meditation during lunch or immediately after work to unwind and clear out your mind

  • Set an intention – If there is something specific in your life that is going on that you’d like to meditate about, ask the question, or use the mantra. For example, maybe you’re going through a breakup, ask the universe to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that surround that breakup so that all that is left is love

  • Schedule in time daily – Literally schedule this time in, and stick to it. Follow through for yourself, don’t abuse your alien’s time nor your time, if you schedule it into your calendar be a good friend to yourself and do what you said you would do


There is no right or wrong way to meditate, focus on your breathing and stay present in the moment. Make it a habit. I get to work everyday at 7:30am and I meditate and journal until 8am. Schedule it in, once you get in the habit of doing it, you’ll get used to it and it won’t be as forced. But the more you meditate the better you’ll feel, it’s like going to the gym to exercise but instead of exercising muscles, you’re exercising your mind and spirit. I promise your entire life will change.


Click here to download your free workbook on making meditation a habit!


Alright, my friends! Let’s do it! Try it out and please feel free to reach out with any questions/suggestions would love to hear from you!


With love and positive vibes,


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