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Thoughts to Power Positivity

It was requested last week that I create a program to teach how to fill your life with positivity while clearing out negativity. I was in the middle of thinking about revamping Find Your Inner Alien but as this person prompted this program it literally wrote itself in one night. So! I’m super excited about this new program but I wanted to start out by sharing some tips and tricks on how to bring more positivity into your life in a practical sense. So here are some of the things I do to stay in a positive mindset throughout the chaos in my life on earth.


  • Limit the amount of news you watch

    The news is heavy, period. That’s it. I’m not saying that you need to completely be in the dark about everything but if you find that you attach to that energy easily, back away from it a bit. You can stay informed but you also can limit the negative energy that comes along with it.


  • Create a Pinterest board

    I have a Pinterest board that has filled with quotes to live by. It’s all inspirational and empowering quotes that make me feel uplifted when I’m down in the dumps.


  • Absorb empowering and inspiring content

    OMG! There is sooooo much out there! Read and listen to content that gets your excited about life and makes you feel like you can conquer the world! I’ll review it all in my program but some of my favorites are:

    • Brooke Castillo – The Life Coach School

      • This is the most amazing podcast ever! So practical but also just mind-blowing all day every day. I love her, I hope to be just like her someday!

    • Gabby Bernstein – The Universe Has Your Back

      • She is the cutest human on this planet and so inspiring!

    • Jen Sincero – You Are A Badass

      • Best book ever. Uplifting AF!

    • Steven Pressfield – The War of Art

    • Marianne Williamson – A Return to Love

    • Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic

    • Louise L. Hay – You Can Heal Your Life

    • Michael A. Singer – The Untethered Soul


  • Follow uplifting accounts on Instagram

    When your scrolling through Instagram, don’t you think you’d be more empowered and inspired if all you saw was amazing, beautiful content that puts you in a good mood?! Again, we will review many of these in my program but here are some of my favorite:

    • @wearesoulsparks

    • @kait.hurley

    • @lets.wake.pray.slay

    • @jensincero

    • @healingpaige

    • @gabbybernstein

    • @mindfulmft


  • Let go or limit the people around you who leave you feeling heavy

    If you feel heavy and sad after hanging up the phone or leave someone, limit your time with them. I don’t mean to sound rude it’s just we all have that one person in our lives that literally has a cloud hanging over them. They are always sick, or they are talking about someone ill, or about how bad the world is now. Literally, everything that comes out of their mouth is like, “bleh, bummer this, bummer that”. Let them do their thing but if you want your life to be full of positivity, either try to change the subject to something uplifting or leave.


  • Workout

    Doing something physical is going to make you feel good. Literally, I don’t know how to say this any more clear, sweating and working your body, feels good. As my bestie B says, look good, feel good.


  • Eat nutritional foods

    When you put icky foods in your body, your body feels groggy and quite literally “heavy”. So replace the processed foods with more greens and watch the shift.


  • Clear your space

    You have to make room! You have to make room for love, light, and beauty. If the space that surrounds you is cluttered and full where can you put your positivity? Whether this is work or home, clear it out, let the sun in, and let the space breathe! The more space you have physically the more space you’ll create mentally.


Those are some of the things I’ve made habits into my life to maintain a positive lifestyle but to accomplish real long-term change, you need to change your THOUGHTS. Your thoughts create your feelings, which create your action in return creates your results.


To learn how, sign up for the Thoughts to Power Positivity program where I’ll introduce Brooke Castillo’s Thought Model and walk you through your personal scenarios and situations in your 30-minute coaching sessions.


The program also includes:

  • Introduction to the Model video

  • Weekly positivity workbooks

  • Weekly 30-minute coaching calls with me

  • Journal prompts

  • Weekly themed guided meditations

  • Weekly mood boards to get you feeling inspired AF

  • Daily notes of positivity & affirmations

DEADLINE: January 13th

PROGRAM STARTS: January 14th

To purchase, click here.


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