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Heading Into 2018

Hello my beautiful, amazing friends!


Heading into the new year can encompass a plethora of emotions. Some of you may be feeling like wow I kicked 2017’s ass … how am I supposed to go up from here? Others may be disappointed about what took place or should I say, didn’t take place in 2017. Some of you are nervous for the year to come, while others are excited and inspired to move forward. Maybe you don’t even care and really have no emotion whatsoever. We all handle the new year differently. Here’s what I did to wrap up 2017 in a positive way and move into 2018 feeling invigorated AF and unbelievably pumped to start taking action.


1. Complete a Year In Review

Completing a year in review requires you to sit down and look over each month and each area of your life to determine, what results did I have? What was created by me that was not a creation when I started? What is now in this world that was not? For example, in January last year, I had received my first magazine publication for modeling. This article was not physically there until January of 2017. I created that article, that is a result listed in my year in review. Another example of this is the launch of my first two programs (Find Your Inner Alien & Center Yourself), those programs were not created nor launched until 2017.


Sit down and review, what did you accomplish each month? What areas were most impacted by the year (relationships, career, money, home)? What results were you hoping for that were not achieved? Get it all out, write it all down to examine where you can improve, celebrate your successes, and prioritize what you’ll focus on next year.


2. Create Your Goals For 2018

After you’ve completed your Year In Review, prioritize the results that you want such as, buy a house, make $100k from my own business, or publish my dissertation. You should be listing something that is a “result”. Something that is tangible and specific. I wrote out my top 10 goals aka results for 2018 but you can have as many or as little as you want just make sure you know and define your criteria so when you get to the end of the year you can say yes or no I achieved this result.


3. Map Out a Plan

Once you’ve created and prioritized your goals, you need to map it out. A lot of your goals may be big and grand and terrifying yet exhilarating … that’s wonderful! Break. It. Down. You must break it down into smaller pieces to ensure you can accomplish it all. By planning it out, it frees up space from making decisions every day that you may have or have not already decided upon, which allows more of your energy to be spent “doing” rather than “making decisions”.


For example, if you want to make $100k in your business this year, break it down by month, then a week, then a day. Then you know how much it is you need to make every day to meet your goal. You will then also understand what products/how many products you need to sell in each timeframe to be able to meet your goal. So $100k a year comes down to $8.3k a month, $2.1k a week, and $298 a day. What products/services do you need to sell to ensure you profit $2.1k a week? This will help you build out your plan and due dates for your projects for the rest of the year. Make sure you schedule a midpoint review to see where you are tracking. Where should you be against each goal by that time?


4. Find an Accountability Partner

Find someone who will hold you accountable. Schedule monthly check in’s with this person and outline to them for each month what you should have completed by that point. If you don’t have your deliverables completed, instead of spending time discussing why focus on how you’ll ensure they get done in a timely manner to ensure you hit your next deadline. This partner can also help you brainstorm solutions and/or throw ideas back and forth in moments you need a sounding board.


Make sure this individual is a good match! I cannot stress that enough … find someone who is also organized and responsible in their lives. Find someone who is positive and optimistic, you wouldn’t want an accountability partner who is pessimistic or has so many self-limiting beliefs that they also try to push those onto you. Anyone who doesn’t agree that you can accomplish the goals you set forth probably won’t be the right person for you. Just skip them and move on to someone else, you don’t need to convince anyone.


5. Get to Work

Uhm hello, this is the most difficult part but also the most important part. Take massive action, move forward, over deliver and crush it! You have created and mapped out your plan, put all the pieces in place to keep you on track moving forward. Now let your mind stop thinking about those things and take your to-do list and start working on it, one piece at a time. Work through one thing, ALL THE WAY TO COMPLETION. Then move on to the next task. You have to do the work to see the results so let’s do it!!!! I know you can and most importantly, you know you can! Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Remember, when someone else is judging you, it’s more about them and their limitations than it is about you. You’ve got this!


With love and positive vibes,


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