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Find Your Inner Alien

In the past year I’ve completed and been a part of a lot of different exercises to help me figure out who I am, what I want, and become closer to myself. I’ve experimented with many activities that have helped me not only become more intuitive but also has provided me clarity and happiness. I have this weird concept that I have found and fallen madly in love with my inner alien. She is my intuition, my goddess, my badass, the one who houses my soul and past lives. I’ve become closer to her which has brought me so much joy and personal happiness in life especially in times of darkness when I could find no other release.


I’ve decided to share some of my favorite exercises that I’ve come across in the past year in hopes to help others find their inner alien, to become closer to themselves, and find clarity and happiness. Whether you’re in a slump, can’t decide on what you want in life, having difficulty finding happiness, or are just super curious about what the heck I’m talking about I urge you to take part in my 7 week program. It’s going to be light hearted and fun you’ll receive a weekly newsletter that includes the week’s activities plus a free question and answer session.



Week 1 – Channel The Universe

Week 2 – Document Your Soul

Week 3 – Choose Where Your Energy Goes

Week 4 – What Does Your Inner Alien Want?

Week 5 – And The Stars Look Very Different Today

Week 6 – Your Home In The Universe

Week 7 – Stay In Contact With Your Inner Alien


Cost: $25

Deadline: September 4th, 2017

Sign Up Here:

Email me with any questions:

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