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I’m a Breakup Coach

I help you turn your pain into power and your heartache into happy without it “just taking time”.

You can move on with your life feeling confident, loved, in control of your emotions. So obsessed with your life that you don’t even think about your ex anymore. Your breakup doesn’t have to impact your life forever, let it go, forgive and get excited about this next journey, the next chapter of your life that’s filled with your wildest dreams.

What my clients did!

“If someone was thinking about signing up for Dorothy’s coaching, I would say sign up…YESTERDAY! It has truly helped me in so many ways and shifted my mindset. I was just surviving after a divorce, but now I’m THRIVING. I didn’t know what to expect signing up for coaching (Was not sure what would happen. I was desperate, lol), but I truly am surprised by how much better I feel now versus 3 months ago. It’s CRAZY! It has helped me get through a divorce but more importantly, it has made me more aware of myself, which is really the best part. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I have more self love and decided I want to show up as someone who has love for all things, even people who have hurt me in the past.”

- Tela H.

“There is no doubt that this program has changed my life. When I look back at my first session with Dorothy and then look at myself today, the progress I have made is mind-blowing. I’m so incredibly grateful that I found this program. I know now that I can overcome anything using the tools that I have learned. This program is the best thing you can do for yourself especially after a breakup. If you are experiencing a great deal of pain like I was, Dorothy and her program can help you. I have loved talking with Dorothy and doing the weekly work she assigns. She is supportive and an amazing coach! The positive changes I have seen in myself in only few weeks have been incredible. I wish everyone affected by a breakup could have the opportunity to grow from their heartbreak.”

- Jessica H.


“When you go through a breakup you tend to be hard on yourself and try to negotiate or blame yourself for what has happened. I no longer feel unworthy or insecure about what happened. I have fully stepped into my worthiness.”

- Allison -

“I thought I was so growth-focused and healthy, and I was! to the best of my ability. But I truly did not understand on a fundamental level that I am responsible for everything I create – and how to really take charge of that on a tangible level. I’m in charge now. PERIOD.”

- Amanda -

“Before this program I was white knuckling it through my life trying to get over my heartbreak while picking up all of the pieces of my life that felt shattered after the breakup. I felt so defeated in all areas of my life and I couldn’t let go of the future I was so sure I would have with my ex. This work has allowed me to no longer show up as someone who feels like everything happened to them and I now fully understand and believe that everything happened for me! I show up with grace and patience now that I have many “resources/tools in my toolbox”. I not only got over my ex, but I built my confidence and now show up as my best self in all areas of my life.”

- Pattie -